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she makes gifs and reblogs things!

See also: Baltar/Six gifs, more gifs, Cylon babies

"My name is Nicole. I am Queen of the Battlestar Galactica fandom. All others bow down before my awesome analysis skills and snarky snark." - teal

"high priestess of the cult of baltar as well as the cult of the cylons. also punches people who hate dee in the face" - erika

"nicoleanell you are either the best or worst thing to happen to me after viewing bsg. but are you an angel or are you a demon? are you imaginary or are you real? are you my own creys or the creys of..." - mira

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Sayid Jarrah + Looking Happy (Requested by Anonymous)

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1345   •   Oct 22nd, 2014   •   VIA: captaindargo   •   SRC: lostshow

Their powers combined…


Their powers combined…


4652   •   Oct 22nd, 2014   •   VIA: shinobookawajiri   •   SRC: nekojadey

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5027   •   Oct 22nd, 2014   •   VIA: annesteele   •   SRC: b99things
oliver in 1x04, “let’s go scooping” 

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2901   •   Oct 22nd, 2014   •   VIA: emmaswanned   •   SRC: falahies

Epics Prompting Challenge 


Feel like doing a bit of Battlestar fic writing?

We’re having a week-long prompting fest over at Epics. Come along and drop off prompts for characters or pairings, or pick up a few to write. We’d love to see you!


*to the tune of “our house”* I’m DRUNK in the middle of the WEEK

35752   •   Oct 21st, 2014   •   VIA: skylerwhite   •   SRC: schweiber

works 30% of the time


works 30% of the time

4783   •   Oct 21st, 2014   •   VIA: anastasiadualla   •   SRC: amajor7
#x files   

Favorite Character MemeSeven Scenes [7/7]

S02E01: Scattered

video game meme → [1/5] heartwarming scenes/moments → edi’s attempts at joking

3750   •   Oct 21st, 2014   •   VIA: janiemcpants   •   SRC: holepsi

it’s quite refreshing

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