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"My name is Nicole. I am Queen of the Battlestar Galactica fandom. All others bow down before my awesome analysis skills and snarky snark." - teal

"high priestess of the cult of baltar as well as the cult of the cylons. also punches people who hate dee in the face" - erika

"nicoleanell you are either the best or worst thing to happen to me after viewing bsg. but are you an angel or are you a demon? are you imaginary or are you real? are you my own creys or the creys of..." - mira

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Serve and obey, he told himself, and he’ll let you live, and keep the parts that you still have.

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We have a new queen.

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You know, a simple “no” would have sufficed :)  (Just kidding.  Seriously, I can understand the desire to rant, but I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed something because I’d only seen the episode once years ago.  When I see two confessions with it, it just makes me stop and question if I remembered correctly.  But I agree with your rant, I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t on crack.)

OMG and just so we’re clear, absolutely none of that capslock was me yelling at you for asking! *g* Having two people say it in the same week would make anybody be like, “Wait, was this something they said a million years ago on the show that I forgot about?” ;) It just seemed like a good launching point for a rant. (I’d actually blocked that confession blog so I never see these things until other people bring them up. But I was *glad* you did!)

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zuko/katara parallels - picking cover names

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fangirl challenge1/10 female characters; zoe luther (luther)

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two years apart!!

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Okay look this is about the Ellen “promiscuity” thing but also in a larger sense.

The thing about the Final Fivers is that the whole Cylon/past-life reveal didn’t change their inherent characteristics, only how they reacted to their circumstances.

Like, it’s completely contrary to the major themes of the show that being Cylons changed who they were! It didn’t, in itself! Nor did their flaws and wants when they thought they were human turn out to be artificial constructs, now ‘switched off’ and no longer in their brains!

They DID all change, and most of that was linked to finding out that shit about themselves. Saul and Ellen for the better, Tory and Galen for the worse, Sam… Sam is just my Sam, with a universe in his head. But that’s! just! character development!  It’s still absolutely tied to what they were in the first three seasons.

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The transformation - from Bucky Barnes to The Winter Soldier.

This flashes by so quickly that I didn’t catch all of it, just glimpses of images.

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